MII Agriculture is delivering a smart agriculture business system.

We make it a set of businesses that transform agricultural commodities into saleable consumer products. This also includes businesses that assist agricultural producers use natural resources to produce agricultural commodities.

Mansibang Industrial Inc.’s Agriculture is offering solutions on the following:

  • Advancing technology (production, information, transportation)
  • Increased reliance on information
  • Importance of controlling economic resources
  • Understanding how to direct human resources
  • Understanding consumer demand
  • Recognizing the integration of businesses
  • Recognizing the impact of concerns about the environment, food safety, food availability and food cost
  • Appreciating the implications of globalization.

As agriculture expands its role into the energy industry and beyond, it is appropriate to think of agriculture as a biological way to sustain energy and other human needs. Mansibang Industrial Inc.’s Agriculture is ready to help you from seedling nursery to plantation management to organic chemical supply to use of appropriate technologies ( vehicles, equipment, machinery and automation systems ) to efficient harvesting; and, to wholesaling of your produce. We even take care of your agricultural wastages and create another stream of income for you from it. Let’s talk.

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