From a global perspective, people's awareness of environmental degradation and climate change is rising ten folds.  The damages caused by natural disasters including heat waves, floods, large typhoons and droughts plus the harsh effects of land-air-water pollution threatens the lives of people. And to solve these issues, world leaders are pushing initiatives to realize the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

Mansibang Industrial Inc.  will never stop challenging everything that we do. Based on the perspective  that our challenges present opportunities solve various issues, we will accelerate our environmental business initiatives. We will take action and implement on-the-ground to improve our air, land, and water to make our planet livable, safe, and sustainable for next generations.

Mansibang Industrial Inc Environment businesses shall address environmental, economic, and public health issues between diverse stakeholders across power, perspectives and systems. We will focus our energies on the following business initiatives:

  • Pollution Control: Air, Dust, Noise, Water, Soil.
  • Waste Disposal, Treatment and Recycling
  • Plastics Control: biodegradable packaging ( from rice straw, corn husk, coconut pleats, and other plant based waste crumbs )
  • Renewable Energy Sources

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