What is the business all about?

The Florian Direct’s Business Model is direct selling.  Products are home care and sanitation, beauty & personal care, food supply box, health products, and home machineries ( biogas system, hydroponic vegetable garden system, solar energy system ). These are all super fast-moving products and your income potential can skyrocket fast.


If I want to sell just one product, is it ok?

Yes. You may start with just one product. And once you already captured a number of regular customer; then you can get as much products to sell. 


How much is needed to invest?

You need to first attend our FREE BUSINESS ORIENTATION. Then you decide which category you can start. Will it be as retailer, distributor, stockiest or wholesaler. For Php2, 500 worth of products you will be our retailer.

If you want to invest more as--

DISTRIBUTOR--Php15,000 worth of products

STOCKIST--Php250,000 worth of products

WHOLESALER PARTNER--Php1-M worth of products


How to earn from Florian Direct?

You may earn thru profit margins from direct product sales; referrals, and group sales bonuses. This is not a networking scheme; however; we advise our direct sellers for them to create their own team. Each group team must have 15 retailer members. As a group; your income potential is higher.


From referrals--Refer who also want to do business and get Php500 per successful referral.

From household subscriptions-- Get homeowners or households who want to have weekly food supply and kitchen consumables, and earn Php500 bonus per food supply box subscriber except your commission on the products they bought.

From your organized group-- Build a group of retailers, 15 members, and get a group sales bonus.


What are your schedules of this FREE BUSINESS ORIENTATION?

Our Free Business Orientation Schedules are DAILY. Our ORIENTATION Time Slots are: 

8am-10am, 10am-12NN, 1pm-3pm, and 3pm-5pm

ONLY 10 participants per time slot will be accommodated


Do you implement territorial jurisdiction?

While UNLIMITED Retailers are ALLOWED. Our distributors, stockiest and wholesalers will handle territories. 


What are your products?

We have super fast-moving products categorized as home care and sanitation, beauty & personal care, food supply box, health care , and home machineries ( biogas system, hydroponic vegetable garden system, solar energy system ).



Cleaning and Laundry Products: Detergent powder, detergent bar, fabric conditioner, all-purpose cleaner, dishwashing liquid, and bleach.


Beauty and Personal Care Products: Activated Carbon organic toothpaste, Activated Carbon organic bar soap, Aloe-Coco bar shampoo, Aloe-Coco Bodywash, Aloe-Coco Lotion, Aloe-Coco face moisturizer-toner, 72H Deodorant spray.


Health Products: 5-in-1 Herbal Tea, Zinc-C supplements, Glutathione supplement, Keto Slimming supplement


Food Supply Box Subscription: We have food supply boxed by food categories:

1.       Grains ( Rice ) BOX

2.       Salt, Sugar, Powders, and Starches BOX

3.       Sauces, Condiments, Seasonings, & Spices BOX

4.       Breads, Pastries and Spreads BOX

5.       Pasta and Noodles BOX

6.       Fresh and Processed Meats BOX

7.       Poultry Meat and Eggs BOX

8.       Fresh and Processed Vegetables BOX

9.       Fresh and Processed Seafoods BOX

10.   Coffee, Teas, Juices and Milk BOX

11.   Candies and Sweets BOX


What are the inclusions if I get started?

The START-UP KIT includes your initial product supply ( equivalent to your total initial investment ), tarpaulin signage, Home Selling Bag ( where you can put your sample products for your direct household sales presentation ), and products catalogue-brochure booklet.


Can you give me sample pricing on Cleaning Products?

Below is our most current pricing ( as of October 25,2021 ):

Detergent Powder 2Kgs: Php87.75 ( SRP 250 )

Detergent Bar 1-pack: Php47.25 ( SRP 125 )

Fabric Conditioner 2L: Php123.75 ( SRP 295 )

All-Purpose Cleaner 2L: Php 164.25 ( SRP 375 )

Multipurpose Bleach 2L:  Php247.50 ( SRP 575 )

Dishwashing Liquid 1L: Php114 ( SRP 285 )


Take note that the SRP is constant; but you can have your own discount or loyalty  program to your regular clients.





Here are the steps to become our retailer, distributor, stockiest or wholesaler—

1.       Attend our FREE 45-Minute Business Orientation.

2.       Submit filled and signed application form together with 2 valid IDs, and any proof of address;

3.       Fill out the Purchase Order form;

4.       Pay the Purchase Order to our Cashier or thru bank deposit and get the corresponding product claim stub from cashier. If you pay thru bank, present the deposit slip to our cashier.

5.       Make sure you have Acknowledgement Receipt and Official Receipt after payment;

6.       Schedule your product pick up or instruct the fulfilment team of where the products should be delivered. Delivery is either thru LalaMove or thru our own delivery. Pick-up and Delivery may take 1-3 days after confirmation of your PO payment.

You may always visit us here  in 19F Burgundy Corporate Tower, 252 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Brgy. San Lorenzo, Makati City, Metro Manila, 1200 Philippines. 

To set an appointment---

Message us from our website: www.mansibanggroup.co

Call us through our direct line : ( 02 )837-51925  

Text us though our Mobile Hotline No.: 09270771976

Or send us emails at—

·         Sales Operations - sales_operations@mansibanggroup.co
 Customer Service – 

·         General Management - general_management@mansibanggroup.co